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Pet Doors Give you Freedom Too

Here at the Glassman we love our furry friends, and what better way to give them the freedom they crave than to install a dog door? Not only will it give them their freedom but it will give you yours as well.

Wanting a dog door doesn't mean you have to cut a hole in your wall. Instead, let us ease your pain with a patio door installation. ITS SIMPLE, The Glassman can replace your current sliding glass door with a brand new custom made door that will fit your existing frame.


  • Safe,Energy-Efficient Flap for Pets

  • Secure Locking Cover to Prevent Unwanted Guests

  • Variety of Sizes for All Pets from Cats to Great Danes

  • Double Flap Option for Additional Weather Resistance

  • Backed by a 15-Year Warranty!

Don't let the fear of energy loss steer you away from installing a dog door, the vinyl and glass frame seal tightly together when the door is shut, so theirs no air loss or heat gain. There is also an option to include a double flap that will provide even greater protection!

If the idea of leaving access to your home through a dog door scares you. NO WORRIES, this door includes a lock safe cover that will keep them secure when needed.

Big Dogs, Small Dogs and even EXTRA LARGE dogs can benefit from the dog doors, we offer a range of sizes for your furry friends. And just because its called a dog door doesn't mean our cats, pigs and other curious creatures cant enjoy them and their freedom as well.

Backed by a 15 year warranty these doors are guaranteed to bring you peace of mind and improve your pets overall quality of life.

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