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Living Life Through Glass

As the world is attempting normalcy, and millions of students prepare to return to school. Familiar environments have been re structured into worlds of glass. Glass barriers that is. No longer will we only see barriers as sneeze guards to protect our food but now as a way to protect each other during a worldwide pandemic.

Plexi Glass is being introduced into our everyday lives, in fact Purdue University purchased 5 miles worth of plexi glass to help protect its students according to yahoo finance. Sheets and sheets of plexi glass are being ordered by schools all across the nation in an attempt to make its common spaces safer for students.

Glass will also be a key factor in re opening businesses, take grocery stores for example. Walls of glass are being installed between cashier and customer.The goal is to keep any airborne droplets from crossing to the other side.

"People are afraid they're going to lose their businesses, and so they're trying to put up as much protection as possible so that when people come, they'll feel safe," said J. Freeman, Inc., owner Jacqueline Freeman.

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