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The Glassman Mirror Installation

Beautiful and Elegant, mirrors brighten up the room!

Did you know that custom mirrors can really add life to a room? Perhaps you have never considered their reflective properties and how they create light, movement and space. Once you do, you can see why installing a custom mirror in your home is a great idea.

Mirrors can be added to any room, not just the bathroom. The styles are endless, from modern to contemporary and from floor mirrors to a leaning wall mirror. A room can really be transformed.

Custom Wall Mirrors offer the ideal, finishing touch to your home gym, dance studio, fitness studio, or special purpose room. Large wall mirrors facing each other creates a sense of additional space for creativity and relaxation. Custom wall mirrors also function as visual aids for students perfecting fitness form and technique. Wall mirrors also serve as decorative emblems for bathroom, dining room and master bedroom settings.

The good news is that it takes less than a day to do it. The Glassman can handle all your custom mirror needs. Whatever your needs and design preferences, our professionals can meet them.

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